Weather in the Western New York area can be unpredictable. The October-surprise storm of 2006 knocked out power in the Western New York area for many people for more than a week. That storm reminded all of us how important it is to be prepared.

Look at the manufacturer's sites to help you choose your generator:

As a Dealer for Briggs & Stratton, Coleman and Guardian, Twin City Electrical can get you piece-of-mind so you don't have to be in the cold an dark the next time the power goes out. These standby generators are an investment in your future and in your home increasing the resale value should you choose to ever sell.

These generators must be installed by a company who is willing to stand behind their work as well as the products they represent.

What to Expect

Beginning with your free estimate and ending with the installation of your unit, our team of factory trained installers can answer most any questions that may arise. Below is a short description of the process for purchase and installation of your generator. We hope that this will help you understand better how the process will work.

When we come out to do your estimate we will sit down and work with you to find out what is the best unit for your home or business. We will also discuss any additional options that you may be able to choose, from landscape pads to carburetor heaters to choosing the right maintenance program for your generator to fit your needs our trained staff will guide you in choosing a generator that fits your needs, one that is custom tailored to you, your home and your budget.

Click here to read about maintenance program.

Once a contract is signed and your unit is ordered our office staff will keep you posted as to when your unit will be available for installation, set up your installation date, or dates should your unit require more that one day to install, and will advise you of your local municipality's requirements with regards to permits and inspections. Our office handles all the paperwork for you.

On the day of installation our team will arrive and set up shop for the entire day. We will install a transfer switch, which will transfer power from your breaker box to the generator at the time you loose power. To do this we will need to turn power off in your house for several hours. We will run a gas line from your meter in the house to the outside where your generator is and we will need to turn off your gas to do this. We will install and test they generator and address all the items in your contract before we leave you at the end of the day. If we need to return for a second day we will make sure that your electric and gas are up and running before we leave.

After we have installed the unit, if your municipality requires an inspection, you will need to contact our office to get the information regarding who will be doing your inspection and how to contact them. Our office will be your point of contact for any other questions that you may have or any other problems that may arise with the operation of your generator, as they know best how to contact the person on call, at that particular time, to handle your problem.

Are you having problems with your generator? We can perform warranty service on most any brand of generator.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and look forward to having you as a valued customer.

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